Zuok’s three secrets of a great experience

Fab night out in Manchester on Saturday. Having fun times is an essential requirement for a successful visitor experience consultant and I am proud to say I work hard at it. Thinking about why those times were fun is, of course, even more vital.  Maybe this will be the next mentoring product I develop –  IMHO focussing on how people can have fun takes on an extra sharp cutting edge in a recession.

But anyway, Saturday night sees me in Zuok, Manchester – great restaurant, I highly recommend it. Everything about the experience was right, including Robert the proprietor who was roaming the (many) tables checking out how we were all doing.  Of course I engaged him in long conversation, possibly I interrogated him about his business.  But he was very happy to talk and he said lots of great stuff that is hugely relevant to heritage attractions.  I will be quoting him in workshops and in my mentoring.

Quote of the evening “It’s not just the food, it is the whole deal.  There are three things that make this the most successful restaurant in Manchester.  First it’s the environment – you have to create the ambience … Second it’s the staff – these guys are all so proud to work here …  Third, is the food – yes, that is third.”

Yes, yes, yes, Robert. And possibly to labour the point for attractions – your place has to look great, your staff have top be committed to giving your guests a good time and then they can enjoy and appreciate the heritage treasures you set about before them (which like Zuok’s food have to be authentic, freshly prepared and presented with flair and sty

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Great visits to heritage and natural sites do not happen by accident. This blog is about the work that make special sites great places to visit. I hope it will be useful to visitors and host alike. Find out more at me and my blog.
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