Could your ‘thing’ become a successful heritage attraction? Part 2

“Not everyone is like you, they do not all share your passion’.

That’s are hard thing for us all.  What we love to talk about most might be boring to everyone around us. We are back again to that tricky penny dropper for heritage interpreters, attraction managers etc: ‘You are not doing this for yourself – but for visitors’.

It is possible that the whole wide world might share your delight in your site or subject if its appeal is broad enough or if you make it interesting enough (but that’s another interpretelling story – see here  and here.)

Here are the final three criteria I suggest you use to judge how appealing your site / subject could be.  The first three are in last week’s blog.

Doing stuff: Your place/ subject will have more appeal if people can interact with it.  Does it offer opportunities to do something other than read and look?

The last two will be well known to anyone who has ever come to one of my workshops – I am back on that old Significance – Relevance hobbyhorse again … Yee-hah!

Relevance: The best experiences have a point of connection with your visitors. For local visitors this may be relatively easy but for international visitors finding national and international angles is important.

Significance:  Why does your thing matter?  What difference did it make locally and ideally further afield? Why would anyone want to know this?  And most importantly of all why will they want to tell their friends about it when they go home?

Most successful heritage attractions score six out of six – if you are missing out on one or two,  you will need to compensate for that weakness.

And finally, I’ll repeat the WARNING: Just having all of these (and the next three) is not enough – there is still a ton of work to make your thing into a decent attraction.

About susancrosstelltale

Great visits to heritage and natural sites do not happen by accident. This blog is about the work that make special sites great places to visit. I hope it will be useful to visitors and host alike. Find out more at me and my blog.
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