7 Responses to Tideswell Food Festival – tasty rural tourism

  1. Carrie says:

    Thanks for a great write up of the Tideswell Food Festival. It’s nice to get the perspective of someone who visited – most of us involved in organising or volunteering on the day were too close to the event to appreciate just how successful it was! When we had the crazy idea of the Food Festival last year, we had just 6 weeks to organise it. We also had the power of a BBC film crew behind us, which undoubtedly drew lots of stall holders and visitors to the event. This year we were standing on our own two feet – so imagine how astonished we were when we ended up with double the number of stalls and (a complete guestimate) double the number of visitors.

    All the food retailers and producers in the village benefitted from the day – which was the ultimate aim. And the community-owned Tideswell School of Food raised awareness of it’s community and education programme – as well as the fab cookery courses it runs.

    The village felt mightly quiet today. All the bunting was being taken down, and the streets had been swept clean and tidy after yesterday’s festivities. But hopefully the memory of the event will last for a long time with all those who visited….and they’ll appreciate the importance of local food to their community, as well as to ours.

    • Hi Carrie,
      It was great to be part of the bustle, rather than on your side of the fence (I have been there a time or two!). We did lots of people watching and listening and came away with the clear impression you had a success on your hands. Which this year, as you say, the village can take sole credit for. So well done.

      I forgot to say in my post that I felt it incumbent upon me to taste everything I could lay my hands on and it was all deliocious.

      I came away believing in the power of community – and that felt sustaining too.

      I am looking forward to 2013 already – I guess the organisers may need to wait a week or two before they get to that stage!

    • susan walker says:

      A very big thank you to Philip walker for organising the 20012..Food festival.
      contacting stall holders ,finding new entrants,organising events inc entertainment,plus closing streets..to hold a bigger and better event..

  2. peteh says:

    Great write up Susan – shame I missed you during the day but the good thing was that I missed lots of people I knew during the day which just goes to prove how many people there were.

    The success of the event just goes to show how a community can pull together and create a force for good. So for next time, more stalls, more events, more volunteers and mire visitors… bring it on.

    • Hi Pete, don’t worry, we can catch up some other time. That would be great. I would love to hear your reflections on Tideswell’s success across the board not just at this event. I think there’s lot here that other communities can learn from. I also suspect there’s quite a lot under the tip of the four-word iceberg ‘community can pull together’.

      I shall be back at the School of Food in a couple of months – boiling bones this time. Maybe we can have a pint and a chat then. I’ll be in touch.

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  4. Catherine Dalton says:

    Well done Phil Walker you pulled it off what a fantastic day you deserve a pat on the back. Here’s to next year.

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