Me and my blog

Great visits to heritage and natural sites do not happen by accident. There is almost always a committed band of enthusastic people and a huge amount of careful planning behind the scenes. My work, as part of TellTale, is to support those people so they can make their places enjoyable, entertaining, meaningful and memorable for all of us. I have worked as a visitor experience advisor and planner, heritage tourism consultant, writer, trainer and mentor for 25 years.

This blog is about the exciting places, brilliant stories, and inspiring people I meet in my work.  In it I share some of the thought-provoking, interesting issues that I encounter  and some of the advice and materials from our TellTale workshops. It will also point you to some great places to visit.

I run training courses and lectures around the world, am a director of TellTale and a Fellow of the Association for Heritage Interpretation.


2 Responses to Me and my blog

  1. Hi Susan, remember me, Norma Saunders, I used to be CEO of The Sherwood Forest Trust, I am now CEO of Dawn Chorus Educational Initiative CIC, what is the best way to get intouch, I am on Linkedin.

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