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‘Well, it’s cold up there in Buxton’. First impressions – what do we want to tell foreign visitors about us?.

TellTale is hosting Slovenian interpreter, Janja Sivec. Here, as our guest blogger, she writes about her first impressions of Buxton – and its interpretation. When we think of first impressions, we usually think of people we have met. But this … Continue reading

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‘Hot’ interpretation: why tourists need us to tell the tough tales

It can be hard to understand a country as a visitor.  Some parts of national history, usually the highs and lows, are so well known by the natives that they need no explanation.  These parts of the heritage, arguably the … Continue reading

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Making the most of a training opportunity; 5 more steps towards Santa Cruz

I am still thrilled about the prospect of the “You can’t do that in Museums” Camp in Santa Cruz (see here for the background).  I think it is going to be amazing and great professional development.  My experience as a … Continue reading

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Why this is one of my all-time favourite interpretation panels

I am a nerd. Not a techie nerd, or a social media nerd, or even a gadget nerd.  I am a panel nerd. I can’t resist them.  I am constantly looking to find, and create, really good ones. Panels are … Continue reading

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Symbols and messages, old and new: Remembrance Sunday at the National Memorial Arboretum

A few weeks ago I was honoured to be a guest at the Remembrance Service at the National Memorial Arboretum. Over the last few years I have come to know the Memorial Arboretum well as a visitor attraction (see here … Continue reading

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“Hey! that’s my life you are writing about!’ – National Cold War Gallery, Cosford

We visited three museums on Thursday as part of the AHI Conference in ‘glorious Shropshire’.  The RAF Museum at Cosford was the one I was least looking forward to.  It turned out to be the one with the best interpretation … Continue reading

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Home: wild flowers and my roots

It is lovely, this work of helping people to be inspired by places. I work with marvellous historic, cultural and natural places and their stories and significances. I spend a very large proportion of my time being excited, enthusiastic, attentive, … Continue reading

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