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Memorials, heritage interpretation and the First World War

 At first, working with remembrance, with its focus on memorials, felt so familiar I couldn’t distinguish it from heritage interpretation. Both interpretation and remembrance can about remembering and keeping a story alive. They both speak to us of what happened, … Continue reading

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‘Well, it’s cold up there in Buxton’. First impressions – what do we want to tell foreign visitors about us?.

TellTale is hosting Slovenian interpreter, Janja Sivec. Here, as our guest blogger, she writes about her first impressions of Buxton – and its interpretation. When we think of first impressions, we usually think of people we have met. But this … Continue reading

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‘Hot’ interpretation: why tourists need us to tell the tough tales

It can be hard to understand a country as a visitor.  Some parts of national history, usually the highs and lows, are so well known by the natives that they need no explanation.  These parts of the heritage, arguably the … Continue reading

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Interpretelling: combining storytelling with heritage interpretation

I believe interpreters are closely related to storytellers. I ‘invented’ the word ‘interpretelling’ year or so ago. Freshly arrived in Western Australia, I was preparing to deliver a keynote at the Museums Australia/Interpretation Australia Conference in Perth. One evening, somewhat dazzled … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Art of Interpretelling

Obviously film makers know about storytelling.  Their job is to make stories that grip us, absorb us and stay with us. Just like heritage interpreters. So interpreters, especially interpretellers like me who are fascinated by story  as a medium, should … Continue reading

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Do talk in class to find your story.

One of the joys of my work in heritage interpretation is that I often meet people with a compulsion to tell stories. They have a passion for their place that shows in the way they talk. Often they display that … Continue reading

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Three storytelling secrets to improve your heritage interpretation

Interpretelling draws on the ancient art of storytelling to make contemporary heritage communication more effective. Storytelling contains several important lessons for interpreters. Here are three of them. 1. You must have mastery of your content Good storytellers know you must have … Continue reading

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