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How blogging has helped our business

I have been blogging seriously for over a year: is my 100th post. This blog began simply and seriously as a learning task. I am professional communicator, working in the field of heritage interpretation, in a UK-based business called TellTale. … Continue reading

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‘Hot’ interpretation: why tourists need us to tell the tough tales

It can be hard to understand a country as a visitor.  Some parts of national history, usually the highs and lows, are so well known by the natives that they need no explanation.  These parts of the heritage, arguably the … Continue reading

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Give your visitors what they want, not what you would want

‘Do not do to others as you would that they should do unto you. Their tastes may not be the same.’ George Bernard Shaw George Bernard Shaw was not a visitor experience advisor but nonetheless, he rather pithily summed up … Continue reading

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Do talk in class to find your story.

One of the joys of my work in heritage interpretation is that I often meet people with a compulsion to tell stories. They have a passion for their place that shows in the way they talk. Often they display that … Continue reading

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Back in Kilkenny: Hurling and community heritage mapping

It is all very well to say that ‘History is what happened and Heritage is what it means us now’, (see here) but how do you find out what that means in practice? How do you find out what people value? How … Continue reading

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Putting heritage to work for communities – Kilkenny

We were back in Kilkenny last week, looking at more communities who we might work with on the Kilkenny LEADER Partnership’s Community Heritage and Cultural Interpretation Mentoring project. The project is developing nicely.  We held a lively Launch Meeting for community … Continue reading

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Three tales about interpretelling

I have been asked why I thought the English language needed a new word, especially a rather clunky portmanteau word like interpretelling. I do not have deeply serious or illuminating answer. As with many stories there are different versions, or … Continue reading

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