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Text writing in teams at the Royal Air Force Museum

Writing the words for a major museum gallery is like climbing a mountain.  It is a dauntingly large task that can make even the strongest grow weary. It requires training, careful preparation, a good plan – and, I now know, … Continue reading

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Having a laugh at heritage sites

Someone told me last week that their organisation had researched what people wanted from a day out at a heritage site and that ‘having a laugh’ was one of the top five answers. I wasn’t (and am not) totally convinced. … Continue reading

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Points of balance – interpreting current conflict at the National Army Museum

A month or so I wrote a blog about why interpreters need to tackle difficult and contentious subjects which, rather flatteringly, attracted discussion (see here and here). A lot of people made interesting and thought-provoking comments particularly about the need … Continue reading

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Why Now is so good for Heritage Interpretation

Now is a good time to be in this interpretation business.  It’s an exciting time to be a heritage interpreter.  It often feels like the best time in my 30 plus years in the business. There is a lot of … Continue reading

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Interpreting geology creatively – with a cuddly coelocanth

Interpreting geology in a way that really engages people’s imagination can be difficult. It may call for a crochet hook and felting needle. Getting people excited about rocks is not that easy.  The stories they hold come from so long … Continue reading

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Do you need a heritage interpreter?

What could a heritage interpreter do for you? Do you need one? What good do they do? You probably need a heritage interpreter if you have some aspect of natural or human heritage that you want to tell people about. … Continue reading

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How blogging has helped our business

I have been blogging seriously for over a year: is my 100th post. This blog began simply and seriously as a learning task. I am professional communicator, working in the field of heritage interpretation, in a UK-based business called TellTale. … Continue reading

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