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Some questions about interpreting conflict

Some questions about interpreting conflict I really didn’t know what I was embarking on when I closed the Association for Heritage Interpretation’s 2012 national conference with some stirring words  about the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities for heritage interpreters at the … Continue reading

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‘Good’ wildlife, ‘bad’ wildlife?

I have of late become sensitised to bias and subjectivity in interpretation.  That’s not surprising as I have been working at the interpretation of conflict and contested histories. The importance of recognising perspective and prejudice is clear there.  I have found that … Continue reading

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‘Hot’ interpretation: why tourists need us to tell the tough tales

It can be hard to understand a country as a visitor.  Some parts of national history, usually the highs and lows, are so well known by the natives that they need no explanation.  These parts of the heritage, arguably the … Continue reading

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6 heritage attractions that taught me the Irish history I needed to know

Heritage sites can be good, powerful and human places to encounter and understand the important people and events that have shaped a country’s past and present. I believe they have a particularly important  role for international visitors. I have been … Continue reading

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