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Some questions about interpreting conflict

Some questions about interpreting conflict I really didn’t know what I was embarking on when I closed the Association for Heritage Interpretation’s 2012 national conference with some stirring words  about the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities for heritage interpreters at the … Continue reading

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Text writing in teams at the Royal Air Force Museum

Writing the words for a major museum gallery is like climbing a mountain.  It is a dauntingly large task that can make even the strongest grow weary. It requires training, careful preparation, a good plan – and, I now know, … Continue reading

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Memorials, heritage interpretation and the First World War

 At first, working with remembrance, with its focus on memorials, felt so familiar I couldn’t distinguish it from heritage interpretation. Both interpretation and remembrance can about remembering and keeping a story alive. They both speak to us of what happened, … Continue reading

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Putting interpretation at the heart of visitor experience: My Closing Remarks from the AHI Conference 2012

It is hard to sum up a conference as good as that, especially before it’s over –  but I love an adrenalin surge. So when I was asked to compose the parting thoughts from the 2012 AHI Conference, I gave it my … Continue reading

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