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Attaturk and another view of memorials heritage interpretation

Beware of simple solutions and clear cut categories. Maybe beware particularly when you are dealing with conflict. Black and white are hard to sustain. I am prising apart the roles of heritage interpretation and remembrance/ memorialisation as I believe the … Continue reading

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Memorials, heritage interpretation and the First World War

 At first, working with remembrance, with its focus on memorials, felt so familiar I couldn’t distinguish it from heritage interpretation. Both interpretation and remembrance can about remembering and keeping a story alive. They both speak to us of what happened, … Continue reading

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Heritage interpretation as monuments and memorials

Last week I was at a fascinating seminar on Spaces, Places and Practices of Remembrance and Memory at the National Memorial Arboretum, one of my favorite places (see here). Lots of food for thought. I found myself in the stimulating … Continue reading

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