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Wild Sweden – an exceptional wildlife viewing experience

What makes a guided interpretive experience exceptional? I suspect that Marcus from Wild Sweden has spent much of the the last ten years thinking about that. He has certainly found some answers. We went on a ‘Moose Safari’ with him … Continue reading

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Interpretelling: combining storytelling with heritage interpretation

I believe interpreters are closely related to storytellers. I ‘invented’ the word ‘interpretelling’ year or so ago. Freshly arrived in Western Australia, I was preparing to deliver a keynote at the Museums Australia/Interpretation Australia Conference in Perth. One evening, somewhat dazzled … Continue reading

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Warning – wildlife interpretation can be even harder than I said last time

In two previous posts (here and here) I have discussed some of the differences between wildlife and historical interpretation. But there is an elephant in the room … … I believe many wildlife interpreters have much more emotionally invested in … Continue reading

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Why wildlife interpretation is harder work than historical interpretation

A little while ago, I asked the question ‘which is easier, wildlife or historical interpretation?’ That’s a difficult question. It made me think. Now I have an answer, but not the one I expected. I work in and train people … Continue reading

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A simple idea, made beautifully

When we really believe the things we have share are beautiful and valuable it makes a difference to how we share them.  Or, to put it another way, the way we present activities or information carries implicit messages about how … Continue reading

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Conservation communication – show your love (feat. Gotye and Futerra)

Last weekend I ran a workshop for the VINE (Values in the Natural Environment) Project, a small and rather lovely organisation, on communicating conservation messages to the wider public. Specifically, how we could do it better. I played this at the … Continue reading

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Wildlife or historical interpretation – which is easier?

The grass does always look greener on the other side of the track. When I train wildlife interpreters they frequently complain that historical interpretation is so much easier because of ‘all those stories and characters that you have to work … Continue reading

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