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Heritage interpretation notes from Stockholm Days One and Two

I know it’s easy to mix my work up with what other people do on holiday. Sometimes it’s even easy to mix my work up with what I do on holiday. But there is a difference – when I am working … Continue reading

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‘Hot’ interpretation: why tourists need us to tell the tough tales

It can be hard to understand a country as a visitor.  Some parts of national history, usually the highs and lows, are so well known by the natives that they need no explanation.  These parts of the heritage, arguably the … Continue reading

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Interpretelling: combining storytelling with heritage interpretation

I believe interpreters are closely related to storytellers. I ‘invented’ the word ‘interpretelling’ year or so ago. Freshly arrived in Western Australia, I was preparing to deliver a keynote at the Museums Australia/Interpretation Australia Conference in Perth. One evening, somewhat dazzled … Continue reading

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Inheritance and legacy, stories in heritage interpretation

When I consider using story in interpretation, I am mining a vein of thought that has run deep through my 30 years in the interpretation business, constantly welling up into new ideas and questions. For me it has been and continues … Continue reading

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“Hey! that’s my life you are writing about!’ – National Cold War Gallery, Cosford

We visited three museums on Thursday as part of the AHI Conference in ‘glorious Shropshire’.  The RAF Museum at Cosford was the one I was least looking forward to.  It turned out to be the one with the best interpretation … Continue reading

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Heritage interpretation as monuments and memorials

Last week I was at a fascinating seminar on Spaces, Places and Practices of Remembrance and Memory at the National Memorial Arboretum, one of my favorite places (see here). Lots of food for thought. I found myself in the stimulating … Continue reading

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Why wildlife interpretation is harder work than historical interpretation

A little while ago, I asked the question ‘which is easier, wildlife or historical interpretation?’ That’s a difficult question. It made me think. Now I have an answer, but not the one I expected. I work in and train people … Continue reading

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